Current Students

Current Students

Current students can access online services as well as information about a wide range of support networks and campus facilities that are available.

Essential Information

All the information you need to ensure that you are ready for the start of university life.

To access your individual timetable, choose one of these easy ways to help keep you on track and in the right place at the right time.

RGU monitors attendance using Attendr and absences using the Student Absence Portal.

Leaving home for the first time can be one of the most exciting things about going to university. It’s an opportunity to live independently, meet new people and make new friends – and because Aberdeen really is a truly student-focused city, you’ll meet people from all over the world.

We have heavily invested in our support networks both on and off campus to make the experience of studying at RGU the best it can possibly be.

Many of our services and facilities on campus are available for the local community to use, together with our students and staff members.

It is important to register with a doctor (GP) as soon as you arrive in Aberdeen.

Going to university isn’t just about getting a degree, there is an entire lifestyle that comes with being a student. Studying is a big part of the experience, but there are also many opportunities available which will allow you to try new things, meet new people, and make the most of your free time.

Essential information for enrolled/registered research degree students at Robert Gordon University.

MyRGU app screen

MyRGU Mobile App

The MYRGU mobile app provides an easy-to-use, personalised single access point to student systems and your information.

IT, Apps & Digital Services

The IT Helpdesk offers support for all your university needs. We support students staff and visitors with everything such as IT accounts, how to connect to the wireless service, accessing and configuring email, print, copy and scan, and the location of IT labs across our campus - and lots more.

The email service is the main form of communication for all staff and students, so why not setup your account on your phone and\or tablet using our handy guides?

Access many applications including some course software, email, H drive and S drive anywhere, as if you were on campus.

The MYRGU mobile app provides an easy-to-use, personalised single access point to student systems and your information.

As part of the University's Cyber Security Initiative, a self-service password reset capability that uses multi-factor authentication to allow Students and Staff to update their passwords has been introduced.

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At RGU we know how important it is, now more than ever, to live an active lifestyle in order to maintain your physical, mental and social wellbeing. To support students to stay active and well, we are delighted to be offering RGU students free membership.
Free Student Membership

Life as a Student

Funding is a key consideration when thinking about university. Find answers to your questions on finance and learn more about available scholarships.

Studying at University is an exciting and rewarding experience. For some it also brings changes which might at times be difficult and stressful. The Student Counselling & Wellbeing Service is here for you.

Created by students for students. Student life can be fun, exciting, enriching or even scary and daunting at times. We have decided we want to help by getting our students to write about their experiences, provide tips and tricks to get through university life and share amazing stories about life at RGU.

Academic Life

Careers & Employability 

Our Employability team are committed to supporting you throughout your career, providing advice and opportunities for making the most of your time at university, individual discussions about possible career options through to decision-making and support through the application process.

Placements are an excellent opportunity for you to gain real experience and for employers to see what you have to offer. We support students to find relevant work placement opportunities with local, national and even international organisations.

Student Ambassadors are friendly, motivated students, who are passionate about life at RGU. Each year the RGU Student Recruitment team recruits undergraduate students from subject areas across the university who are available for work from September.

There are a number of benefits to taking a period of study or work abroad. Although challenging, the experience can be extremely rewarding and you will develop your knowledge and skills by learning in a different social and cultural context. Find out about opportunities for RGU students

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