Password Manager

Password Manager

As part of the University's Cyber Security Initiative, a self-service password reset capability that uses multi-factor authentication to allow Students and Staff to update their passwords has been introduced.

In support of this security initiative adverts will be appearing on the big screens and staff will receive direct emails. Communication with students will be delivered through the student president managed channels including blogs and newsletters.

Setting up the Self Service Password Manager

Staff and Students must first set up multi-factor authentication on their RGU Email accounts to allow the use of the Self Service Password Manager. This can be done by signing into the account and following the steps provided when you first sign in. Read our step-by-step guide for further assistance: 

After completing the Authentication Set-Up, you will be able to use the Password Manager to reset your account password without the intervention of the RGU IT Helpdesk:

Users that are unable to set up the authentication or have issues with the authentication already on the account (Old Device/Phone number attached), should contact us at or create a ticket on the IT Service Desk Portal to get your issue resolved. 

Changing your password

You can change your RGU password at any time using the Password Management tool noting that RGU passwords must meet the following criteria:

  • Must contain between 12 and 20 characters
  • Must contain upper case characters (e.g. A-Z)
  • Must contain lower case characters (e.g. a-z)
  • Must contain numerals (e.g. 1-10)
  • Must not be your last password or your password before that
  • Must not contain a blank space
  • Must not contain 3 or more repeating characters
  • Does not use dictionary words, your name, personal information, cities, football teams, etc. 

If you are unable to change your password via the Password Management Tool then please contact the IT Helpdesk for support via the IT Service Desk Portal.

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