Student Representation & Partnership

Student Representation & Partnership

As part of RGU’s commitment to working in partnership with students, the university provides students with the opportunity to engage in a variety of feedback activities.

Find out how you can 'get involved' at University, the different ways you can provide feedback, as well as what actions are currently being taken in response to student feedback. 

Partnership at RGU

RGU strives to offer the very best university experience by working in partnership with the student body to create a vibrant learning community.  

By working closely with RGU: Union and collecting feedback directly from students, the University is able to ensure that student are adequately represented at every stage of development. 

Individually, and collectively, students and staff continue to help shape and change the student learning experience within the university. 


Listening to your feedback

Some of the ways that you can provide your views and opinions are through:  

  • informal links which exist between students and staff.  
  • completing Student Experience Questionnaires which will be issued at regular intervals throughout your course.  
  • becoming a Student Representative engaged in formal Staff Student Liaison mechanisms within Schools.   
  • the RGU: Union Executive Committee that is made up of elected student officers who have regular formal and informal contact with the University.  
  • the Institution Led Subject Review process is undertaken for each subject, every 6 years or so, this involves a panel of individuals from within the University as well as external members. In reviewing the subject they hold meetings with current and past students about their experiences. 

To find out more about the above or a wider range opportunities to get involved, please contact the university or RGU: Union.  


Recognising Student Contributions

Through training and fulfilment of the student representative role, you will learn transferable skills which will enable you to showcase your ability to thrive in a working environment and contribute to a productive team.  

In addition to this, students who have fulfilled their role as a student representative, or engaged in relevant recognised activities, will receive recognition on their HEAR record

In addition to the Student Representative role there are SocietiesRGU: Union GroupsNetworksSports Clubs and Volunteering, all of which can contribute towards an application to the Engagement and Partnership Awards.  

These Awards are aimed at students who have positively contributed to the student learning experience of their fellow students. Current students can find out more information about the awards on CampusMoodle: Engagement and Partnership Awards

Achieved in Partnership 

2022 Partnership Objective – Emerging Stronger

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all think differently about what matters to us – in various contexts. The Partnership Objective for 2022 will continue to reflect on RGU’s response during the pandemic and will consider how we can emerge stronger and remain equipped for the opportunities and challenges of the future. The objective will continue to explore what has worked well, what was missed and future opportunities, and focus on physical, mental, and social health.

Each segment will be taken by a student lead within the RGU:Union with support from the University.

  • Physical health – President for Sport and Physical Activity
  • Mental health – President for Education and Welfare
  • Social health – President for Communication and Democracy

By forming a better understanding of the current experiences of our staff and students, together we can inform future decision making at strategic and operational levels.

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Further Information 

Current students can find out more about student representation and partnership at RGU, or how to get involved: 

Or email directly:  

In response to student feedback the university launched the MY RGU mobile app, providing an easy-to-use, personalised access point to student systems.
In response to student feedback the university launched the RGU Learning and Teaching Framework, outlining our commitment to providing transformative education.
In response to student feedback the university introduced SliverCloud: an online self-help resource to support mental wellbeing.

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