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Academic Quality Handbook

Within the University’s quality assurance framework the Academic Quality Handbook defines and provides detailed operational guidance on the University’s quality assurance procedures.

The three main components include:

  • Course/Programme Validation - a process whereby all new courses/programmes are subject to formal consideration and approval prior to implementation
  • Annual Appraisal – a process whereby the delivery of all courses/programmes and output standards achieved are monitored
  • Institution-Led Subject Review - a process conducted on a 5/6 yearly basis which consists of the critical review of the subject and its development

Our short guide to Academic Quality Procedures has been designed to provide an outline of the University's academic quality assurance procedures, to enable the reader to decide what procedure is appropriate for what purpose, and to guide the reader to the most appropriate source for further information.


We are working to resolve any document accessibility issues for the 2023-24 session. The Academic Quality Handbook documents are available in different formats on request from

Section 1: Module, Course and Programme Developments

Section 2: Annual Appraisal Process

Section 3: Institution-Led Subject Review and Course Re-Approval 

Section 4: External Examiner Arrangements

Section 5: Academic Collaboration

Section 6: Research Degrees

This section in the Academic Quality Handbook is being revised and will be available to view shortly.

Proformas associated with all aspects of the research degrees process are available from the Research Degrees area.

Review and Validation

The processes for review and validation are outlined in Sections 1 and 3 of the Academic Quality Handbook


Access to some review and validation documents is restricted to internal use only.

Institution-Led Subject Reviews (ILSRs), Internal Reviews, Course Re-approvals, Validations and Interim Review Responses:

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