"My MSc degree from the Robert Gordon University (RGU) Aberdeen has placed me on a pedestal in my career and on the path to endless opportunities."

These are the words of Okeoghene Ugbehe. He graduated with an MSc in Project Management in 2009 and goes on to speak of his experience on the course saying,

"During my studies, I was stretched in virtually every aspect of my understanding of what Project Management was but still did not fully appreciate the benefit of this to me. The group and personal projects, report writing, quality management and other modules taught during my time of study were major preparations for a rewarding career for which I am very grateful.

"With my experience in project auditing and quality management developed during my internship organised by RGU during my studies, I was immediately handpicked when I got back to Nigeria during my job search (which lasted just two weeks). The job role required a Subsea Engineer with exposure in managing projects and I was the perfect choice.

The job roles which I have handled since my studies include Subsea Project Engineer, Project Planner, Project Engineer, Quality Auditor. All these roles required the basic knowledge and opportunity which was provided by my study in Aberdeen and also a desire to learn new things. Developing myself within the area of Project Management has also equipped me as a facilitator/ lecturer at a local United Kingdom Project Management College in Port Harcourt where I currently reside. This opportunity has exposed me to a wealth of experience within and outside my current field of interest, which is the offshore industry, as well as assisting junior Project Managers to grow.

The relevance of my Masters degree in Project Management within my choice of career cannot be over emphasised as within the offshore industry Project Management skills are highly sought after. Project Managers call the shots in most industries and a robust and rigorous education from the Robert Gordon University is surely a great way to start or further your career."

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