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Undertaking an online RGU upskilling course can help you to develop or change your career or support your business to grow.

Robert Gordon University (RGU) is proud to offer a range of online upskilling short courses tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals in Scotland. Benefits to studying an online upskilling course include:

  • flexible online study to fit your schedule
  • career advancement 
  • specialist skills development
  • new job opportunities
  • expansion of professional network
  • build your learning with RGUflex to gain a degree or postgraduate qualification.

If you are domiciled in Scotland, you will be eligible for a fee-waiver place, meaning you can upskill for free. Identified and created in collaboration with industry, these 15-credit online courses are designed to enhance employability for individuals and organisations looking to upskill their workforce.


Course participants must be domiciled in Scotland to be eligible for a fee-waiver place. To be eligible for funding, you generally need to have 'settled status' in Scotland, meaning there are no restrictions on how long you can stay here. For example, this can be from birth or Right to Remain visa. Eligibility is assessed on application and further evidence may be required.

Application Process

Upon submission you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your application. Following this, around 2-4 weeks before the course start date, you will receive offer details with confirmation of your funding status. Enrolment information will then be sent in advance of the course starting. 

Once enrolled you will then gain access to Moodle, where your course materials will be. Please note there is no early access to materials or timetables, everything will be released on the course start date. 

Should your application be submitted within 2 weeks of the course start date you will receive your offer letter and enrolment information within 2-4 working days.

Student Experiences

I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about it to sign up to a short course, whether as a stand alone, or with the hope of working towards something bigger. The personal gain for me has been massive and contributed to me being successful in finding a permanent position in the Energy industry.
Emma Corse, Upskilling Student
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I am a well engineer in the oil and gas industry looking at the possibility to retrain in the renewables market. I saw the course as a good introduction to some of the technologies and challenges in the renewables sector.
Previous Upskilling student
Due to my personal circumstances with a young family, I have not attempted any taught courses but completing this has given me a lot of confidence to attempt further learnings.
Previous Upskilling student
This is just the kind of robust and high quality course which Robert Gordon University can be relied upon to deliver to equip the student with practical skills that are highly relevant to industry and for use in the global workplace.
Previous Upskilling student

Our Courses

Current Courses

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a hand holding building blocks with sustainability icons

The CCUS Short Course imparts a thorough grasp of CCUS principles, technologies, and applications for curbing GHG emissions. It empowers professionals, researchers, and policymakers to engage adeptly in CCUS projects.

computer screen displaying data

Grasp the principles of effectively using data to manage health care operations. Conduct and explain both patient-focused and public health analytics.

woman typing on a laptop with stethoscope on the desk

Develop and enhance your digital literacy skills within health and social care. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to advance within an ever changing twenty first century health and social care.

Person holding a pencil at a meeting

Explore energy, sustainability, and climate issues, assess supply dynamics, and analyse policy to support the transition to a low carbon economy.

a hillside landscape with air vents causing gas clouds

This course offers a strong geothermal energy foundation, covering science, technology, and business aspects. It equips participants to utilize geothermal energy for decarbonization, assess market opportunities, and fulfil UN SDGs 7 & 11.

woman laughing

Understand the interventions available to improve individual health and wellbeing.

person at a laptop

Gain an understanding of fundamental Python programming principles, concepts, and the software lifecycle.

view of the globe at night

Explore how multinational enterprises formulate and implement responsible and sustainable strategies that respond to the grand societal challenges of our time exploring volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

Strategic Digital Marketing

Explore the digital marketing landscape, strategy, tools & tactics for effective communication.

wind turbines at dawn

To develop knowledge of concepts and principles applicable to wind energy extraction, design and operation of offshore wind turbines under different environmental conditions, and an awareness of the role of offshore wind energy in decarbonising global economies.

Upcoming Courses

Find out about our other Upskilling courses available in the future.

Short Course Support

RGU offers flexible and supportive upskilling courses that can be completed entirely online. The courses allow you to interact with subject experts and other learners, and each course has a dedicated Short Course Leader for direct support. RGU provides a range of support services, and the courses cover various areas of study to suit different professional development needs.

Student partnership and feedback

Providing feedback is crucial in improving the learning experience for students at RGU. The university values student opinions and encourages them to provide feedback through multiple channels such as discussions with peers and staff, engaging with RGU:Union, and participating in university events and questionnaires. RGU short course students have the opportunity to contribute their feedback through an end-of-course questionnaire, which will be used to enhance future courses. Specific and constructive feedback with suggestions for improvement can make a real difference in shaping the university's approach to learning and benefiting future students.

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