Wind Energy Systems

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11
wind turbines at dawn
Short Course & Professional Development

To develop knowledge of concepts and principles applicable to wind energy extraction, design and operation of offshore wind turbines under different environmental conditions, and an awareness of the role of offshore wind energy in decarbonising global economies.

Delve into wind turbine design intricacies with a focus on the Blade Element Momentum method, NACA blade profiles, and core concepts. Explore aerodynamic performance factors like cut-in and cut-out speeds, power curves, and capacity factor. Understand meteorological effects including transient wind, gusts, ice accretion, and wake dynamics.

This course covers horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines, offshore variations, and addresses both theoretical and practical aspects of wind energy systems. Perfect for engineers, researchers, and enthusiasts seeking comprehensive insights into wind energy technology.

Mode of Attendance

  • Online Learning

Mode of Study

  • Part Time

Start Date

1 July 2024

Course Length

10 weeks

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