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RGUflex allows you to collect academic credit flexibly and claim an award from the University.

RGUflex delivers on-demand flexible learning where you can upskill, reskill or pursue a passion. It can also be used by employers to allow them to build an education pathway for their employees to gain the skills and knowledge to meet business needs.

The benefits of RGUflex

  • If you have undertaken modules/short courses, RGUflex can provide a pathway that allows you to build on your learning to gain an exit award. For example, you may have undertaken enough credit-bearing short courses that you could actually be eligible to gain an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from RGU.
  • Supports flexible lifelong learning and enables you to further your knowledge and skills by pursuing a personal and professional ambition while maintaining other commitments.
  • Increases access to high quality learning across a range of subject areas.
  • Enhances interdisciplinary opportunities, drawing on different perspectives from various subject areas. You can even transfer credit from other learning providers to make up your credit (up to 50% of an award).
  • Provides opportunities to enhance your current skillset, while also gaining new skills to give you that competitive edge.
  • Provides learning opportunities aligned with labour market trends and skills demands in growth markets; these learning opportunities may also align with local market demands in support of ambitions for regional economic developments.

How to apply

If you have successfully completed any modules/short courses, you can apply for your credits to be recognised for a relevant award using the claim form, which should be read in conjunction with the Guide to RGUflex.

If you wish to graduate in July, the submission deadline is the end of April. The submission deadline if you wish to graduate in December is the end of September.

If you’re looking to gain more credit to get an award, there are various short courses available:

Before you apply

Things to be aware of before applying for RGUflex:

As the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) Student Visa is granted for the purpose of studying in the UK, and it is not a requirement of RGUFlex that you attend the University campus, taking academic credit through RGUFlex does not provide eligibility for the UK Student Visa or the Graduate Route Visa.

The academic credit must be successfully completed and approved as credit-bearing by RGU for it to be considered for an award. If you have credit outwith RGU, please check with before submitting a claim form.

All modules should have been successfully completed within a 6-year period (8-years for Open Studies Awards) and a claim submitted within 12 months of completion of the final module

Awards are available within RGUflex include:

  • Master (MA or MSc) Professional Studies or (MA, MSc or MASc) Open Studies - 180 SCQF level 11 Credits
  • Postgraduate Diploma Professional Studies or Open Studies - 120 SCQF level 11 Credits
  • Postgraduate Certificate Professional Studies or Open Studies - 60 SCQF level 11 Credits
  • Bachelor (BA or BSc) or Bachelor (Hons) (BA or BSc) Professional Studies or Bachelor (BA, BSc or BASc) or Bachelor (Hons) (BA, BSc or BASc) Open Studies
  • Graduate Diploma Professional Studies or Open Studies - 120 SCQF level 9 or 10 credits
  • Graduate Certificate Professional Studies or Open Studies - 60 SCQF level 9 or 10 credits There is also the potential to achieve a bracketed subject specific award depending on the modules achieved e.g. MSc Professional Studies (Nursing).

The course specification provides further details on the framework:

Get in touch

We would be delighted to help you plan your future and can discuss all your options with you. We can review your learning needs and help you to select the most appropriate modules.

For information on how to apply or for general queries about RGUflex, please contact:

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