Energy Policy, Sustainability and Transitions

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11
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Short Course & Professional Development

Explore energy, sustainability, and climate issues, assess supply dynamics, and analyse policy to support the transition to a low carbon economy.

In this course, participants will engage in a thorough examination and critical appraisal of pivotal topics within the realm of energy, sustainability, and climate change. Through a comprehensive exploration, participants will delve into the intricacies of energy supply options and demand dynamics. Furthermore, the course aims to cultivate a nuanced understanding of the associated opportunities and risks inherent in these domains. Participants will also evaluate the instrumental role played by policy frameworks, government initiatives, and the energy sector in facilitating the transition towards a low-carbon economy. This professional development opportunity is designed to equip participants with a holistic and informed perspective on key aspects shaping the future of energy and sustainability.

Mode of Attendance

  • Online Learning

Mode of Study

  • Part Time

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Course Length

12 weeks

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