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Understanding Energy Transition

The climate emergency is a real challenge for all of us, but also a great opportunity. The following resources will give you an insight into what energy transition could mean for us all.

Understanding energy transition is an innovative free bite-sized learning resource by Robert Gordon University (RGU) to address common questions facing individuals about energy transition.

This simple new learning resource, developed in response to industry demand for an informative resource, answers questions frequently asked about energy transition by sharing insights from a leading expert.

This resource is in the form of short videos providing information, facts and figures and expertise from the University’s Professor Paul de Leeuw, Director of RGU’s Energy Transition Institute, who shares his professional insight to answer a series of questions surrounding the common challenges and myths of energy transition.

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Fossil fuels generate around 90% of CO2 emissions, significantly contributing to global warming and climate change. To respond to the climate emergency and create a sustainable planet, we must rethink how we produce and use energy.

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We are the first generation who can directly see how our actions affect the climate. If we don’t act now, will we be the last generation who can do anything about it?

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Replumbing, rewiring, and repositioning the nation is an enormous challenge. And net zero targets have been set to ensure we protect our planet and its ecosystems before it’s too late - so we need to act fast.

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Interim targets have been set to ensure we deliver net zero before it’s too late. But how do we know if we’re making progress and doing enough to keep 1.5C alive?

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We know our destination - net zero for the world. But what is the timescale for our journey, and what are our incentives?

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The energy transition represents a new and exciting opportunity as we rise to the challenge of establishing a new energy system. But as our industry changes and grows, how will we build the workforce of tomorrow?

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We know our future is in low-carbon, renewable, alternative energy sources. So why do we continue extracting, producing, and consuming fossil fuels?

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Our destination is clear - net zero for the world - but the journey is complex and it's easy to get the wrong idea about where we are and what we need to do. Here are some common myths and misconceptions about the climate emergency, the energy transition, and our journey to net zero.

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We know what we must do to address the climate emergency. Establishing a sustainable energy system and keeping 1.5C alive are essential for the sustainability of our planet. But how do we ensure the energy transition happens in these crisis-stricken times?

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Test your energy transition understanding with this short quiz.

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