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RGU Knowledge Bites for Business

RGU Knowledge Bites for Business provides thoughts and insights to help individuals and businesses at this challenging time.

New content will be added regularly to share RGU’s knowledge and experience across sectors in the form of short video clips, articles, courses and live interactive webinars.

RGU has a strong track record of working in partnership with companies to help address their challenges and never has working together been more important than today.

Knowledge Bites for Business is our platform to share some thoughts with you, which we hope will be helpful, either now or in the future …and we’ve deliberately kept each item really short!  We hope that by interacting with RGU Knowledge Bites, you will take away some new information or insight which will help you and your business develop, as well as a better understanding of how to access RGU services.

You will already find topics such as presenting online with confidence; introduction to intellectual property; and some further information about graduate apprenticeships and other support for business.

If there are other topics which would be of interest to you, or if you’d like to follow up on anything you’ve heard, let us know at knowledgebites@rgu.ac.uk. We’d be really pleased to hear from you.

Wishing you all the very best
Donella Beaton
Associate Vice Principal Business and Economic Development

Our Webinars & Related News Articles

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If there are other topics which would be of interest to you, or if you’d like to learn more about RGU’s business engagement activities please register your interest, we’d be really pleased to hear from you.

wind turbines on a hill

The climate emergency is a real challenge for all of us, but also a great opportunity. The following resources will give you an insight into what energy transition could mean for us all. Register for access to our online resources.

Aberdeen Business School Building

The past couple of years has been challenging for all businesses, this interactive webinar will provide you with an introduction to how business model innovation can be used to help your business respond to and recover from challenges.

wind turbine at sunset

RGU’s ‘Runway to COP26’ represents a variety of sustainability-focussed activities and initiatives with emphasis on supporting the key themes of the milestone UN COP26 Conference.

Video: Interface and Funding Support

This ‘Innovation Event Webinar’ will highlight how businesses can engage with academia to develop innovative ideas via collaboration and the funding opportunities available (e.g. SFC Innovation Vouchers).

Video Top Tips for Managing a Hybrid Team

This video will explore some of the tools and techniques used to effectively manage a hybrid team; where some are working in the physical office space and others are working remotely.

Video: From Imposter to Superhero!

This video will examine the reasons why imposter syndrome can take hold. Participants will be encouraged to explore ways to overcome imposter syndrome both within themselves and within the teams and/or organisations that they lead.

Video: Non-Technical Skills for Safety

Accidents can be caused by failures in situation awareness, decision making, and team work. This webinar looks at how these non-technical skills can be identified for training and assessment.

Ageism in the workforce and in the industry

Ageism refers to the stereotypical and prejudiced attitudes and discriminatory treatment of people based on their age. Watch the video and gain an understanding of ageism in the workforce and in the industry.

A brief story about “learning how to dance in the rain”

Life demands that we be prepared to adapt to change, whether we are ready for it or not, If you’re feeling overwhelmed or looking for inspiration, then this talk may well be for you.

Video: What use is technology if no one uses it?

This video will talk about how, including how we produce energy, technology continues to transform how we live and work. However, it is only valuable if people and companies use it! This webinar will discuss the people factors that influence technology adoption in upstream oil and gas.

Video: Mental Health - The Basics

This video will explore the key concepts for understanding mental health and basic principles of engaging with people with mental health issues. If you’re a human who engages with other humans, this is for you!

Video: Post Pandemic Tourism

This video will suggest and debate what success in the Tourism industry, which includes hotels and hospitality, might look like in the future, which has been arguably the biggest industrial casualty from COVID-19.

Video: The Resolution Revolution

This video will explore how businesses around the world utilise Online Dispute Resolution to deal efficiently with customer complaints.

Video: Our world in 2040

Step into a time machine and consider how our world might look like in the future. What are the trends and technologies which could change our daily lives?

ICAS Webinar: Accounting for Crypto, in conjunction with RGU

This webinar covers an introduction to cryptocurrency, a look at global adoption trends and then focuses on decentralised finance and accounting automation.

Video: Business Challenge of the Energy Transition

This video takes a look at the energy transition and the scale of the challenge; the timing of the necessary transition and how governments might engage business to make it work commercially.

In Conversation With Prf Paul de Leeuw

Watch a discussion with Professor Paul de Leeuw held by RGU Alumni

Video: Communicating and Leading Change

In this video, Professor Adam Ogilvie-Smith shares some thoughts on communicating and leading change in organisations.

Using Management KTPs to drive business growth

This video provides an overview of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), the new Management KTP scheme, and how the North of Scotland KTP Centre can help you secure funding.

Video: Integrating Generation Z into your multi-generational workforce

This video will explore the key traits of Generation Z and consider how employers can capitalise on the many positive contributions this new generation will bring to our workforce.

Video: Future Talent Management in Uncertain Times

This video will provide some practical advice for how organisations can take effective steps to protect themselves from reputational harm during the pandemic, using established crisis communication principles and techniques.

Video: Future Talent Management in Uncertain Times

How can HE institutions and employers work together to ensure we not only retain key talent but also offer opportunities for new recruits in what are uniquely challenging times?

Social media and lockdown – problem or opportunity?

Sarah Pedersen, Professor of Communication and Media at RGU's School of Creative and Cultural Business, explores how social media has been used during lockdown – and has its use been problematic or helpful?

Video: Planning a digital event

Consider the step-by-step process for developing and delivering a virtual event and outlining practical ways of engaging an online audience.

Tertiary education’s crucial role in supporting business recovery

Associate Vice Principal of Business and Economic Development at RGU, Donella Beaton, writes about how universities and colleges play a pivotal role in the recovery of the economy post Covid-19 and how these approaches must reflect regional priorities.

Video: The 4 Cs and the impact for Mexico

Professor Paul de Leeuw, Director, RGU Energy Transition Institute, discusses the 4Cs (Covid-19, Commodity prices, Climate Emergency & Confidence) and the likely implications for the energy sector for Mexico.

Video: Learning from your data - an AI perspective

Dr Eyad Elyan, Reader, School of Computing gives a presentation how businesses and industries can take advantage of AI solutions to inform decision making processes and provide a more efficient working environment.

Webinar: Online Branding for Business

Christina Stewart, Lecturer and Course Leader for the BA(Hons) Digital Marketing and BA(Hons) Public Relations, School of Creative & Cultural Business, gives a presentation providing an introduction to building your online brand identity where importance of identity, visibility and credibility will be examined.

The greater (and greener) the challenge, the greater the opportunity

The greater (and greener) the challenge, the greater the opportunity. Professor Paul de Leeuw, Director, RGU Energy Transition Institute, discusses the 4Cs (COVID-19, Commodity prices, Climate Emergency & Confidence) and the likely implications for the energy sector.

Webinar: Keeping Yourself Safe Online

Mr Ian Harris, Course Leader, School of Computing provides some practical advice and solutions on how to protect ourselves from cyber attack.

Podcast: A student’s perspective of Graduate Apprenticeships

Two current Graduate Apprentices share their experiences of working and studying for a degree at the same time.

Supporting your business to grow

An insight into some of the ways that RGU can support your business through the use of government mechanisms.

Video: Presenting online with confidence

Hints and tips on how to present with confidence to a virtual audience.

Video: Introduction to Intellectual Property

How to ensure you have the right protection in place for your ‘bright-idea’.

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