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Post Pandemic Tourism

This video will suggest and debate what success in the Tourism industry, which includes hotels and hospitality, might look like in the future, which has been arguably the biggest industrial casualty from COVID-19.

Kate Nichols, Chief Executive of UK Hospitality, said ”We’ll be walking the smouldering ruins of an industry that was then third biggest in the UK” - Sunday Times 29 November 2020.

Dr Andrew Martin, senior lecturer and Director of the Scottish Centre of Tourism at RGU, will lead a ‘New Year Crystal Ball Gazing’ into what the Tourism and Hospitality industry will look like in 2021, 2022 and the years beyond. There will be winners and there have been losers, so how do we, in Scotland, compete and win going forward?

Andrew and Peter Walker (Managing Director, Maryculter House, Aberdeen) will challenge and engage you to think about lessons from dealing with the pandemic, and how innovation and a sound strategy will serve us all well; businesses, community and tourists!

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