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Non-Technical Skills for Safety

Accidents can be caused by failures in situation awareness, decision making, and team work. This webinar looks at how these non-technical skills can be identified for training and assessment.

This Webinar is delivered by Rhona Flin, Professor of Industrial Psychology, Aberdeen Business School.

Analyses of major accidents have revealed that in addition to technical expertise, practitioners also require cognitive and social skills (i.e. non-technical skills, NTS) to complement their technical expertise. Core skills include situation awareness, decision making, teamwork and leadership. This approach began in aviation but is now becoming established as part of the safety management armoury in other sectors.

A range of frameworks outline the core skills and associated behaviours for different occupations such as pilots, surgeons and well control teams. They are used for training and rating the skills.  The webinar will describe non-technical skills applications in industry and healthcare and will include details of a new research project on non-technical skills; a collaboration between Aberdeen Business School and the University of Houston on mindfulness skills for offshore safety.

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