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Learning How to Dance in the Rain

Life demands that we be prepared to adapt to change, whether we are ready for it or not, If you’re feeling overwhelmed or looking for inspiration, then this talk may well be for you.

Steve Rae, Piper Alpha Survivor and Executive Director for Step Change in Safety will share his views on how he has learned to adapt to change throughout his life, from adolescence to this day his path has been one less travelled.  If your feeling overwhelmed or looking for inspiration, then this talk may well be for you.

Steve quotes Vivian Greene, acclaimed writer and expert in Doll’s houses! Who once said, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Having encountered and overcome adversity a number of times throughout his life, Steve looked upon the arrival of COVID-19 as yet another storm, that although would eventually pass, that would once more demand that he learn to dance in the rain.

Steve Rae’s career path is certainly one less travelled as having entered the Industry as an Offshore Technician in 1982, he happened to find himself onboard Piper Alpha on July 6th, 1988.  Having survived the horrific events of that night, Steve chose to continue working in the Industry where he went on to become an accomplished executive.

Over 35 years of industry experience has provided him with a unique perspective on safety culture, effective team leadership and engagement across all levels of workforce. Steve was a member of the Step Change in Safety Leadership Team from 2007/2010 and chaired Statoil’s (Brazil) Aiming High Group in 2014/15.  He has also held several senior positions including Operations Manager at Noble Drilling, Vice President International Drilling Operations at Seawell, Vice President QHSE at Archer and Operations Director at Wellsafe Solutions.

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