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The Online Resolution Revolution

This video will explore how businesses around the world utilise Online Dispute Resolution to deal efficiently with customer complaints.

The rise in Online Dispute Resolution is one of the growing trends in business. Once seen as a niche area of interesting practice, deployed by eBay in particular, it is increasingly becoming a 'must have' for businesses from industries as diverse as airlines to veterinary practices. While complaint handling might not seem like a core component of the customer experience; a well delivered mechanism can be important as a release valve. Traditionally, these have been complex and time consuming - as well as creating difficulties for both customers and staff. Online Dispute Resolution provides opportunities to make the system more efficient but also efficient overall.

The technology which facilitates this is becoming more accessible and so we see the move of online dispute resolution mechanisms being increasingly taken up by small and medium enterprises.

This video will explore the operation of online dispute resolution and identify the key lessons to have in mind when considering it as an option for a customer service toolkit. It will also provide insights to the wider thinking around conflict resolution - and how online dispute resolution helps with that, and how remaining gaps can be addressed.

This video will be aimed at anyone with an interest in customer services and dispute resolution; to help understand the growing role and importance of technology in this toolkit.

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