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Business Challenge of the Energy Transition

This video takes a look at the energy transition and the scale of the challenge; the timing of the necessary transition and how governments might engage business to make it work commercially.

Ian Phillips is the Development Director for Pale Blue Dot Energy Limited, the developer behind the Acorn low carbon hydrogen and CCS project based at St Fergus.  The project will be one of the first to inject carbon dioxide for long term storage in the UK – starting the energy transition in earnest.

Ian reviews the scale of the energy transition – considering the magnitude of global and national energy demand, the growth of renewables and the urgency of the climate change imperative.  He goes on to illustrate where we may end up transitioning to – and discusses the challenges of delivering the necessary transition.

Ian then considers the business implication of such a transition – both in terms of how businesses and domestic homes will change, and in terms of how this will likely be paid for.

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