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From Imposter to Superhero!

This video will examine the reasons why imposter syndrome can take hold. Participants will be encouraged to explore ways to overcome imposter syndrome both within themselves and within the teams and/or organisations that they lead.

Do you ever feel that you are winging it? Just getting by? Are you scared of being ‘found out’, to be somehow less competent than everyone seems to think you are? You may be suffering from imposter syndrome; but look around….two out of three of us are having these exact same feelings of self-doubt, usually in the face of very clear evidence to the contrary.

This session will focus on silencing your inner imposter by surfacing the super powers within us all. Pull on your cape and join us to explore ways of emerging from the pandemic with a new confidence in yourself and your career – whatever stage that may be at.

Erica Cargill is Academic Strategic Lead at Aberdeen Business School, heading up a team which delivers business education across a suite of undergraduate and post-graduate level courses, including the School’s flagship MBA programme. Erica’s research interests lie in early career development and the ever-changing nature of the professional skill-set. She is a Chartered Member of the CIPD and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Susan Gordon is a seasoned HR professional with 30 years’ experience including international oil & gas and as a University Senior Lecturer. She has lived and worked internationally, and now runs her own consultancy business, Leith Gordon Ltd.  Susan is a certified Strengths-Based coach with a passion to equip individuals, leaders and teams to identify, appreciate and unleash their own unique super-powers so they can positively tackle whatever challenges work and life presents.

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