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COVID-19: Advice for Staff, Students and Community
Examination Procedures

Academic Governance

Examination Procedures

The Department for Governance and Academic Quality is responsible for administering the University's invigilation process for examinations.

COVID-19 Updated Guidance for Online Examinations


Relevant procedures and guidance have been compiled into an Examinations Handbook - a hard copy of this is issued to all External Invigilators.  Each section of the Handbook can be accessed, along with additional internal information relating to exams.

Additional information related to exams:


Section 1: External Invigilator Role - Key Documents

A range of guidance for External Invigilators on their duties related to written exams, including standard announcements.

Section 2: Guidelines and Guidance Notes

Guidance for External Invigilators, staff and students on: the use of calculators, dictionaries and EDPAC sheets in exams, anonymous marking, and religious observance during exams.

Section 3: Examinations for Students with Alternative Arrangements

Guidance for External Invigilators on exams for students requiring alternative arrangements e.g. use of a computer, scribe, reader.

Section 4: Health and Safety

Guidance for External Invigilators on health and safety issues e.g. medical issues arising in exams, fire evacuation, working in severe weather.

Section 5: Computer Aided Assessment (CAA) Examinations

Guidance for External Invigilators on students sitting Computer Aided Assessments, including exam announcements.

Section 6: RGU Floorplans

For use by External Invigilators. School Offices are marked to indicate where Senior Invigilators collect/return exam papers.

Section 7: Examination Proformas and Exemplars

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