Poni Rose Elia Busi - MSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Poni Rose Elia Busi
Poni Rose moved to the North East of Scotland from her home in South Sudan and has described how undertaking a master’s degree at Robert Gordon University has enriched and elevated her life and career prospects.

The 39-year-old postgraduate grew up in a refugee settlement in Uganda and cites studying in the UK as a “dream”. Thanks to the Chevening scholarship and her inspiring ambition, the dream became a reality at RGU’s Aberdeen Business School.

“My decision to embark on a postgraduate degree at Robert Gordon University was a strategic and holistic choice, driven by a confluence of practical experience, academic ambition, international recognition, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the field of procurement and supply chain management.

“First and foremost, my extensive seven years of hands-on experience in procurement and logistics within the humanitarian sector in South Sudan provided me with invaluable insights into the complexities and challenges of the industry.

“This practical experience served as the catalyst for my decision to pursue advanced studies, recognizing the need for a more nuanced understanding and specialized skill set in navigating the intricate landscape of global supply chain dynamics.

“Enrolling in the master’s at Robert Gordon University was a strategic choice driven by the University's stellar reputation in the field. Its international recognition and emphasis on practical application resonated with my aspirations for professional growth.

“I was particularly drawn to the University's commitment to bridging academic theory with real-world scenarios, a crucial aspect for someone deeply involved in operational logistics, where pragmatic solutions are paramount.”

Having settled on RGU, Poni Rose opted to enrol in a master’s in Procurement and Supply Chain Management on a full-time basis.

“Given the comprehensive and intensive nature of the course, a full-time commitment allowed me to immerse myself fully in my studies, ensuring I could grasp the intricacies of the material and engage in meaningful ways.

“The programme's alignment with my professional aspirations, the University's esteemed standing, and the prospect of delving into a challenging and rewarding course were key factors that drew me to the master’s. The broad curriculum, coupled with the University's commitment to academic excellence, presented an ideal opportunity to gain in-depth insights into procurement strategies, supply chain dynamics, and the latest industry trends.

“The course's holistic approach appealed to me too, promising a well-rounded education that would not only enhance my current skill set but also equip me to make meaningful contributions to the field.”

Reflecting, the student who had already achieved a degree from Cavendish University-Uganda, was more than happy with her choice of both institution and course and has many highlights to look back on.

“The postgraduate degree has significantly elevated my skills and understanding of procurement and supply chain dynamics. The course has not only enriched my knowledge within the logistics operations in the humanitarian sector but has also provided insights applicable across diverse procurement and logistics operations for example in the private and public sectors.

“A notable example is my dissertation which focused on the effectiveness of green procurement in reducing environmental impacts. Through my research, I have gained a deeper understanding of the significance of green procurement in supporting global initiatives towards environmental protection, including the mitigation of climate change impacts.

“The highlights of my course at RGU include engaging in valuable course modules such as Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Economics, and Operation Management.

“I also actively participated in the Student Union Society, where I served as the treasurer for the Supply Chain Academic Society. Additionally, I enhanced my international experience through volunteering roles with Serenity as a procurement and supply chain specialist, and with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Children (NSPCC) as a Child Line counsellor.

“Additionally, in the summer of 2023, I secured a four-week internship placement with Tearfund, a UK-based faith-based humanitarian organization and my current employer. This internship not only complemented my academic learning but also provided invaluable practical insights into the global operations of humanitarian logistics and procurement. It was a hands-on experience that enriched my understanding and enhanced my skill set in the field.

“My time at RGU has been instrumental in preparing me for the next step in my career. The comprehensive curriculum, hands-on experiences, and exposure to diverse perspectives have significantly enhanced my understanding of procurement and supply chain management.

“It’s been incredibly enriching, offering a blend of academic learning and diverse experiences. I built a robust international network and appreciated the unique lifestyle and cold weather in Aberdeen, contrasting the scorching sun of South Sudan.”

So, what is next for Poni Rose?

“After thoroughly enjoying my time in Aberdeen over the past year, I am now compelled to return to my home country. My immediate and long-term career plans involve leveraging the skills and knowledge acquired during my degree. I aim to contribute to ongoing humanitarian and developmental efforts by training logisticians in national partner NGOs in South Sudan, thereby enhancing local capacity.

“Growing up in a refugee settlement in Uganda, life posed numerous challenges. However, I always focused on the possibilities that life and the world could offer. With unwavering support from my family and faith in God, I pushed myself to the limits. Despite the hurdles, my dream of studying in the UK and experiencing an international setting became a reality through sheer hard work.

“I am grateful for the Chevening scholarship scheme and Robert Gordon University for this prestigious opportunity that has elevated my career and opened new pathways. Having achieved my dream, I believe there is much more to come. I encourage everyone, especially women and young girls, to dream big and work diligently, as dreams can indeed come true.”

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