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Contact the International Team

International Students

Contact the International Team

Whatever part of the world you are from, we have specialist team who can help you through the application process and answer questions you have about studying at RGU.

We are delighted that you are considering joining us and we are looking forward to welcoming you for the start of your student journey with us.

Enquire About International Study Options:

Meet the Team

Emma Corry

Head of Student Recruitment and Admissions
  • Can help with: Recruitment and Admissions processand requirements
  • What you don’t know: She enjoys camping and kayaking around lovely Scotland, and can’t wait to start again for 2021.
  • Contact:

Americas, Middle East, Central and East Asia

Dan Bennett

Regional Manager - Americas, Middle East, Central and East Asia
  • Can help with: Support with all market needs including webinars, exhibitions, marketing and student led engagement.
  • What you don’t know: Dan is a keen runner with a personal goal of running his first marathon by the end of the year.
  • Contact: / (+) 44 7970 657767

Simone Yong

International Officer - Americas, Middle East and Hong Kong
  • Can help with: Agent relations, student recruitment, partner college relations, application guidance, course advice and student life.
  • What you don’t know: Simone has travelled to 58 countries, is an avid foodie and can speak 4 languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and English).
  • Contact: /(+) 44 7875 638236

Jessica Wang

Office Manager - China
  • Can help with:  Student recruitment for UG, PG and PhD from China as well as partnership, TNE and research cooperation opportunities in the region.
  • What you don’t know: The major for her bachelor and master degrees is Biosciences.
  • Contact: / (+) 86 18618 142516

Penny Zhang

Marketing Manager - CHINA
  • Can help with: Student recruitment for Undergraduate and Postgraduate from Mainland China
  • What you don’t know: Penny travels regularly to cities in China, please contact her if you want to have a face to face talk about RGU and Aberdeen.
  • Contact: / (+) 86 13426 345994.

Mario Avila

In Country Consultant - Mexico and Latin America
  • Can help with:  Student recruitment for UG and PG from Latin American students considering the UK as an option as well as research and business and economic development opportunities in the region.
  • What you don’t know: Mario speaks French, besides English and Spanish, voilà!
  • Contact:


Michelle Duncan

Regional Manager - Africa, South and South East Asia 
  • Can help with: Along with the International team, we can attend recruitment events and exhibitions and offer RGU training and update sessions. Specifically, Michelle can help with strategic planning to grow our business relationship, and sharing relevant market intelligence.
  • What you don’t know: She spent a year as an international student in Sweden and a year doing her graduate training in Japan.
  • Contact:  / (+) 44 7817 491971

Aishat Adebusuyi

International Officer - Africa
  • Can help with: Aishat supports student recruitment activities within the UK and Overseas for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes with a focus on prospective students from Africa. She is also involved in agent engagement, training and application support.
  • What you don’t know: She is a recovering CAKE addict!
  • Contact: / (+) 44 7584 342844

Benedict Nwokedi

International Officer - South and South-East Asia
  • Can help with: Applications guidance, Scholarships, Course advice, RGU Recruitment events and Agent relations.
  • What you don’t know: Benedict is a self-published author under the alias “Dikachi Mann” who writes poetry, self-help and short stories He is also fluent in 3 other Languages (Igbo, Yoruba, Pidgin English) besides English.
  • Contact: / (+) 44 7920 590347

Megha Malhotra

In-Country Manager - India
  • Can help with: Information about student recruitment from India for any level, scholarships, accommodation, visa help and all about RGU and Aberdeen.
  • What you don’t know: Megha loves to travel and she is a keen reader.
  • Contact: / (+) 91 84482 16100
  • Conversion Officer: Komal Jaiswal

David Adekunle Afolabi

In Country Manager - Nigeria
  • Can help with: Information about student recruitment into RGU’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, accommodation options, scholarships, settling in Aberdeen and visa counselling
  • What you don’t know: David recently joined a culinary class in order to learn how to cook.
  • Contact: / (+) 234 81634 64823
  • Conversion Officer: Peter Akinrinlade


Julie Anderson

Regional Manager - Partnerships
  • Can help with: International academic partnerships, foundation partnerships, scholarships and agent relations.
  • What you don’t know: She has recently discovered a love for paddle boarding… in Scotland!
  • Contact: (+) 44 7918 367565

Suzanne Clarke

International Officer - Partnerships
  • Can help with: International academic partnerships, foundation partnerships, scholarships and agent relations.
  • What you don’t know: Suzanne has a sauna in her garden, sometimes she can see Dolphins swimming past as she relaxes!
  • Contact: / (+) 44 7920 590276

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