The Graduation Ceremony


The Graduation Ceremony

What to expect on the day of your Graduation Ceremony.

Graduands should arrive between 1 - 2 hours before the start of your ceremony.

On arrival, all graduands must checkā€in for their ceremony. Please make your way to the Registration room - ushers will provide directions. Check-in times will be available prior to your graduation ceremony taking place. Those who do not check in within the allocated times will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Once you have checked-in, you will be directed to your allocated seat. You should be wearing your gown and hood before the ceremony starts. Hats are not worn during the ceremony. RGU ushers will be on hand to guide you through the ceremony and direct you to the stage when it is time to receive your award.

When you proceed to the stage, do not take anything up on the stage with you, this includes your hat. Your hat should be left at your seat with any other belongings, as you will return to the same seat after you have received your award.

Ceremonies last approximately 90 minutes.

At the end of the ceremony you should leave the building promptly. You will then have the opportunity to celebrate with your friends and family.

Enjoy the ceremony, it is your special day!

Gown collection & photography

Graduation gown collection and photography will be available on the day of your ceremony.


Guests with cars should leave adequate time to find parking spaces. Further information on parking options will become available prior to the ceremony.


Guest seats are not numbered or allocated, so they can choose where they want to sit once they arrive. If the child is under two then they can sit on a guest's knee. Children over that age will require a ticket due to fire regulations.

Graduation Ceremony Live Streaming

The ceremony will be streamed live, giving friends and families who are unable to attend the ceremony the opportunity to watch the ceremony as it happens. Links for the Winter graduation live streams will be provided close to the ceremony dates.

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