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Graduation Registration

Registration is essential even if you do not wish to attend the award ceremony.

Details on how to register will be emailed to all eligible students approximately two months before the ceremonies.

Registration is essential even if you do not wish to attend the award ceremony. 

You should register as soon as possible after you receive graduation information. 

Don't wait until you have received your results as this may be too late. 

If you haven’t received an email with details about your graduation and you think you should have, if you are unsure about how to make changes, or if you have any other questions about registering for graduation, email:

Graduating without attending the ceremony

Registration is essential even if you do not wish to attend the ceremony (i.e. graduate 'In Absentia'). Students who have selected not to attend will have their award conferred in their absence and the certificate will be mailed to you.


  • Students on linked degree/honours degree courses who have completed the ordinary degree stage of their course but who will proceed to the Honours year of the course in the next session.
  • Students on MSc courses should not graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate if they are continuing to the Master's level stage.

If you do graduate at any of the above exit points then proceed immediately to the next stage, your first certificate will have to be returned.

Award Certificate Names

Names on your degree certificates have to be the same as on your birth/marriage certificate because some professional bodies may reject the degree certificate if the name is different.

Graduation Checklist

  • Read registration information and register online 
  • Return all library books prior to the ceremony
  • Clear any outstanding fees or charges owed to the University library or accommodation services
  • Order academic dress
  • Order photography pack
  • Check date and time of graduation ceremony & plan to arrive 1 hour in advance
  • Find out what the Alumni Network, Library Service and Careers Centre can offer you

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