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Enterprise Booster

Supporting Startups

Enterprise Booster

Get ready to take those first steps to running your own business or becoming self-employed. Boost your skills and know-how in enterprise and entrepreneurship.

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Got a business idea? Thinking self-employment?

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG) at RGU, along with Aberdeenshire Council’s Employability Support Team (EST) have designed a new series of workshops for people aged 16-24 through the Scottish Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee (YPG) scheme. If you are interested in becoming self-employed or running your own business, the Enterprise Booster will give you what you need to get your business plans off to a great start. This programme is free, fully-funded and 100% online!

About the Enterprise Booster

  • Two workshops all about running your own business 
  • Free – no cost to you
  • 100% online
  • Choose a workshop slot that works for you
  • Get access to online resources that will help your setup your business


How to become an Entrepreneur

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? What does the future of work look like and how will that affect you? Why is it important be entrepreneurial? How can you nail a business idea and become an entrepreneur?

Attend one of these sessions, and you’ll also get access to our online resource hub which will give you extra tips and tricks.

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Starting a business IRL (In real life)

There are lots of businesses that do different things. Maybe you want to become the next TikTok or YouTube hit, or you might want to start selling online? Perhaps you want to try starting out your own MUA business or start up a new café!?

Whatever the business, there are some things you need to know such as marketing, legal stuff and making money. This session will help you understand how to set up a business in real life.

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Who is the Enterprise Booster for?

The Enterprise Booster is open to those who are aged 16-24, living in Aberdeenshire but priority will be given to those and who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Unemployed (excluding those in full time education)
  • About to leave school without work or further training to go on to
  • School leavers without without work or further training to go on to
  • In low paid employment
  • At risk of redundancy
  • At risk of losing an apprenticeship
  • Leaving training, volunteering, college or university without work or further training to go on to
  • Low skilled
  • Without qualifications at SCQF 5 or above
  • Underemployed

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for the programme, please apply as we can check your eligibility and if necessary connect you to other support available within the region.

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The Enterprise Booster is brought to you by EIG at RGU and Aberdeenshire Council through the Young Persons Guarantee.

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