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Spinouts from RGU Research

Supporting Entrepreneurship

Spinouts from RGU Research

Identifying and supporting new inventions, know-how and different forms of intellectual property to have an impact on the economy and the wider world is an important objective for the RGU strategy. The development of the new entrepreneurship and ecosystem initiatives have allowed RGU to exponentially increase invention disclosures in the last year.

Most research in higher education is funded by the public through government. RGU seeks to bring as much of this research ‘into the real world’ which includes the creation of new startups or spinouts based on this research.

A key element of the impact of university innovation on society is the identification, protection and licensing of intellectual property. In particular it is anticipated that a number of the new startup accelerator or spinouts will come out of RGU intellectual property; this is likely to be from research activities but may also come from teaching & learning innovation or new ideas from non-academic staff.

This intellectual property is also likely to be patents, copyrights, trademarks, know-how or trade secrets. New business startup activity based on intellectual property from RGU research is defined as a ‘spinout’ of the university. Not all RGU-based startups are spinouts, but all spinouts are RGU-based startups.

Intellectual Property Policy

A revised Intellectual Property and Rewards was approved by the RGU Board in September 2018. These procedures follow international best practice. The new framework is managed by the newly launched Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG), which has been convened by the Vice-Principal for Commercial and Regional Innovation (VPCRI). The primary goal of this new framework and policy document is to support an entrepreneurial culture where spinout or licensing to a third party potential is the objective for any licensing when applicable.

The revision to existing practice will ensure a simple, easy to understand and transparent framework which will incentivise both staff and RGU Schools to engage in the identification and highlighting of potential IP. To ensure that the university supports an increase in ‘public good’ impact from innovations from research, teaching and learning or other activities in the university, the new policy and governance supports the understanding of the importance for the invention disclosure process amongst the vibrant community in RGU while simplifying the process from invention disclosure to licensing.

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