North Sea offshore workers, 3D study

Research in collaboration with Oil & Gas UK found that male offshore oil and gas workers are now on average almost 19% heavier and 2% taller than in the mid-1980s.

Using RGU’s portable 3D scanning technology, a sample of around 600 workers were measured for height, width and girth, and underwent volumetric measurements of the arm, leg and torso.

Robert Paterson health, safety and employment issues director at Oil & Gas UK, said: “This has been a hugely beneficial collaboration between academia and industry. Data collected will inform all aspects of offshore ergonomics and health and safety, from seat design in helicopters and lifeboats to survival suit design and space availability in corridors and work environments offshore.”

More than £150,000 in funding for the project was secured through a combination of an Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership Grant as well as support from collaborating Oil & Gas UK member companies.

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