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Business & Innovation

Developing Your Ideas

We are passionate about working with you at RGU. We offer several ways to support you in building your ideas and provide you with the support to take the next step with your business.

In a rapidly changing world, where knowledge is king and time is of the essence, how does your company visualise and plan for the future? We work with organisations every day, and have done for decades. We listen to your challenges and, together, we find solutions.

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We can help you de-risk your investment by finding funding options with RGU as the right academic partner for your ambition. Find out more about the funding support available.

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As a university, we exist to be a place of curiosity and new thinking. We need to prepare our communities for the challenges of the future by designing new solutions. Our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group help drive innovation and support new enterprises to create impact and contribute to Scotland’s economic prosperity.

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