Bogendollo House Project - Insulation Innovation

Bogendollo House Project - Insulation Innovation
Architectural experts at RGU have won industry recognition for their cutting edge solution to heat loss in older buildings.

Dr Amar Bennadji founding member of RGU’s research institute for Innovation, Design and Sustainability, led a project using water-blown foam developed by Canadian company Icynene specifically for injecting into delicate structures, to insulate an internally-lined solid masonry wall without causing damage to its historic features.

The work was recognised nationally by the Scottish Saltire Award and internationally by the Chartered Institute of Building (IOB).

Dr Bennadji, said: "We’re excited about the potential this has to help the drive towards better insulating existing building stock across the country."

The project was a collaboration between RGU, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, local architect consultants and industry partners Icynene, Kishorn Insulations and GMS Renewable Products.

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