The Functions of the Executive

The Executive

The Functions of the Executive

The Board of Governors has delegated to the Principal the responsibility and authority for the leadership, administration and management of the university. The Executive advises, assists and supports the Principal in meeting these responsibilities.


Executive members, collectively and individually, have delegated authority and accountability as determined from time to time by the Principal and reported to the Board of Governors. The Executive accepts collective accountability for achieving the university’s vision, mission and strategic goals.

The Executive in particular:

  • Advises the Principal in developing strategic plans and objectives, with the approval of the Board of Governors and on consultation with other stakeholders, and recommending appropriate courses of action in responding to emerging threats and taking advantage of new opportunities
  • Monitors progress and outcomes of strategy implementation, including the Business Plan and Risk Register (and associated key performance indicators/targets) and reports in relation to this to the Board
  • Advises the Principal regarding the resource allocation and budgets for the university, subject to approval by the Board of Governors, and ensures appropriate financial monitoring
  • Approves, or recommends to the Board of Governors for approval, high-level policies and procedures to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the university
  • Ensures effective communication with, and reviews papers and strategy documents for submission to, the Board of Governors, its main Standing Committees and the Academic Council as appropriate
  • With the Principal ensures the effective leadership, coordination and management of the activities of the university, and keeps organisational structures under review, consulting as appropriate with the Board of Governors and Academic Council
  • Meets regularly with the Senior Management Group and the Operations Management Group to ensure effective strategy development and implementation


The Principal has also established a Sub-Group as part of the Executive:

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