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It is RGU’s policy to actively promote equality across all of its functions.

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In line with the university’s equality and diversity policy, this group meets once a semester to actively engage staff in meaningful discussions on topics that affect our staff and students to actively promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.

The group is chaired by the university’s Equality Champion (Age), Laura Chalmers and brings together academic and professional services staff across RGU. We also work in partnership with the Equality and Diversity team to contribute to activities that promote equality at RGU through the Equality and Diversity Forum.


Equality Champion - Age

"I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1989, having trained at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. My career in the NHS afforded me opportunities to work with and care for people from multiple backgrounds, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith, and age across the UK. As a newly qualified nurse I very clearly remember a patient questioning my word and ability, asking me” what did I know at my age”? I was junior, yes, relatively inexperienced, but I was qualified, I was trained, and, on this occasion, I was right. Now in my 50s am I perhaps beginning to see my word, my ability, my thinking questioned because of my older age? Perhaps not in such blatant terms, perhaps its more subtle but I do feel it might not be long before it is more obvious. Intergenerational living and working is part of us all.

Age discrimination policy often has deliberative focus on age equality for the elderly – and of course this is essential in today’s world. However, discreet age discrimination of the young is felt by many, where worth and ability are judged by age. As an equality champion for Age, I welcome the opportunity to work with and for the entire RGU family – whatever your age – your job, staff or students and hope to ensure our university remains driven to create equity for us all."

Current Members

  • Laura Chalmers - Chair and Equality Champion (Age)
  • Vikki Taylor - HR Champion (Age)
  • Emmanuel Akerele - EDI Adviser


Everyone can get involved! We would love to have you onboard and welcome you to get in touch with any queries, suggestions or if you’d like to join as a member. You do not need to identify as anything in particular, and we always welcome allies to support our equality work.

Email equality@rgu.ac.uk with any questions.

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