Energy - Short Courses

Short Courses & Professional Development

Energy - Short Courses

Situated in the energy capital of Europe, our Energy short courses are relevant and industry led to support career development in this sector.

We continually engage and build upon our industry links to ensure our courses are demand driven, of the highest quality and tailored to meet the current and future needs of employers. Studying a short course will support your career and skills development in the sector. 

Oil industry with anchor and drill

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11

This short course offers the world’s first cross-industry industrial data management course, focusing on oil and gas, nuclear power and wind power. It is aimed at current practitioners and new entrants to the field.

Solar panels in a field

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11

This course will demonstrate critical awareness of the ongoing worldwide energy transition while looking into the challenges and economics of operating such renewable energy systems.

Introduction to Subsea Engineering

Short Course - Course Completion Certificate

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen (RGU), in conjunction with Global Underwater Hub, has developed an online programme of four modules to support the induction of engineers from other industries and new graduates into the Subsea sector.

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