Business and Management - Short Courses

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Business and Management - Short Courses

Study at the Business School of the Year 2020 (THE Awards 2020) and build on new or existing knowledge across a variety of business subjects.

The University prides itself on its business-connected learning and teaching, and has a strong commitment to work-based and work-related learning. These short courses will enhance your understanding and equip you with relevant and transferable skills across a variety of business functions.

Graduate Certificate Creative and Cultural Business

Graduate Certificate

The course supports students in developing their academic identity and skills in preparation for postgraduate study. Students will be exposed to and explore the scope and features of the creative and cultural industries, thereby developing academic skills, particularly in the areas of enquiry, research and communication.

Oil industry with anchor and drill

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11

This short course offers the world’s first cross-industry industrial data management course, focusing on oil and gas, nuclear power and wind power. It is aimed at current practitioners and new entrants to the field.

woman with a coffee on a laptop

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 9

For women who are keen to grow their businesses this course will empower you to explore viable opportunities, understand customers, generate creative ideas and consider risks. During the course you will create a strategy and a plan to take you to the next level and realise your growth aspirations.

wind turbines on a hill

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11

The aim of this course is to provide learners with an advanced understanding of the role, function and nature of organisations involved in technical, financial, commercial, and contractual activities associated with the energy transition. These include the role of government, commercial and other organisations such as researchers, academics, lobbying organisations, and trade bodies.

Resilience and Change Management

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11

Resilience is now considered an important factor in the contemporary workplace. In the increasingly and endlessly turbulent context of the modern world of work, the resilience of both individuals and organisations becomes vital in order to survive and thrive.

Strategic Digital Marketing

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 9

Get ahead of the game with this short course in Strategic Digital Marketing. This short course will provide you with an overview of the digital marketing landscape, support you in developing digital marketing strategy and give you experience of the tools and tactics that can be used to communicate effectively with your audiences and customers.

Strategic Leadership

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11

In order to maximise efficiency as well as achieve organisational goals, it is accepted that leadership is a vital function within any business. Leadership skills can be learned and this course is the start of this learning for those who want to develop or hone their leadership skills.

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