Engineering - Postgraduate

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Engineering - Postgraduate

Want to stay ahead of the curve in engineering? Our degrees will support your professional development and provide the knowledge, experience and skills to achieve your ambitions.

Whether you are looking to advance your career, enhance your skillset or continue your studies, we offer a range of demand-driven postgraduate engineering degrees. Invest in your future and study in the energy capital of Europe. Our courses are continually developed to meet the demands of the future, where you will benefit from RGU’s teaching excellence, wide range of academic expertise and collaborations with industry. Delivered by a team of leading industry professionals and academics, you will be exposed to real world issues and explore the latest technologies in your field.

doctors in blue gowns in an operating theatre

PgCert | PgDip | MSc

The rapidly developing and rewarding field of biomedical technology involves engineering, constructing and operating medical devices. Graduates can go on to work as engineers in the medical device industry, producing the next generation of devices such as prosthetics, through to specialists working in healthcare operating and maintaining equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

Engineering Doctorate


The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) is a qualification for practising researchers who aim to lead and innovate the development of products, processes and services in industry. You will follow a fully integrated programme of taught technical, business, management and entrepreneurship modules, and will conduct an industry-based research project.

MSc Drilling and Well Engineering

PgCert | PgDip | MSc

The MSc Drilling and Well Engineering degree is aimed at graduates who have a relevant academic background, as well as industry practitioners who possess appropriate industry experience. The course focuses on the effective well construction, and aims to develop high levels of professional skills in the key areas of well design, drilling and operations management.

PgCert | PgDip | MSc Engineering

PgCert | PgDip | MSc

The MSc Engineering Programme aims to broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding of a variety of engineering subjects, supporting career development and progression. You can choose to undertake specific modules for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes, or a number of modules to build up to a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or Master's level award.

two people in yellow hi-vis jackets and hard hats are looking at a large bank of computer screens

PgCert | PgDip | MSc

Engineering Management will equip you with the right skills and knowledge to deliver engineering projects in an innovative, sustainable and cost-effective manner. Together with a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, these skills will help facilitate the achievement of Net Zero, energy transition, and the development of a circular economy.

oil and gas rig

PgCert | PgDip | MSc

The MSc Oil and Gas Engineering course produces fit-for-purpose engineers who can make an effective contribution from an early stage. The course is aimed at students who wish to work or enhance employment opportunities in the oil and gas industry. It will prepare you for a range of professional careers through suitable, flexible study options.

two people in yellow hi-vis jackets and hard hats are looking at some wind turbines

PgCert | PgDip | MSc

This MSc Renewable Energy Engineering course is an interdisciplinary course across the Schools of Engineering, Business and Computing. The course will provide graduates with practical experience as it incorporates practical activities, site visits, case study learning, and industry guest speakers lectures.

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