Project Information, Organisation and Behaviour

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11 | ECTS points 7.5
Short Course & Professional Development

This master level short course explores complex interaction between the information any project needs, in addition to the value and type of communication required around that information. The course further studies the extent of useful work by the project manager in terms of supporting both human and non-human behaviours.

The course dissects client relationships, conflict resolution, leadership and explores ways of working collaboratively. 

Projects are essentially dynamic items: they use energy; they are functional, and they are in constant motion. Part of the dynamic character of projects comes from the fact that they rely on humans - all those people of differing levels of experience and expertise result in projects exhibiting ‘reflected’ behaviours.

Modern-day life is awash with information, which is regarded as a resource independent of geography and time in a manner that allows almost instantaneous communication and a ‘levelling’ of the playing-field for both large and small organisations through relatively inexpensive Information and Communications Technologies.

Through establishing the ‘Value’ of information and communication, together with utilising non-human analytical tools, this short course provides the insightful positioning for anyone involved in project management.

Mode of Attendance

  • Part Time

Mode of Study

  • Online Learning

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Course Length

12 weeks

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