Construction Project Management

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11 | ECTS points 7.5
Short Course & Professional Development

This master level short course provides a critical evaluation of the inputs and outputs of every stage of the project lifecycle. It identifies the duties and the role the PM plays in each phase. The module emphasises the importance of the project early phases and the consideration of alternatives and value for money to produce a functional project that meets the requirements of the sponsor.

Project management is a holistic approach which considers a project in its entirety from start to finish. It does not view the different units within a project in isolation but from a perspective of how each unit input and effect will be coordinated to complement each other in order to produce the final required outcome.

For example, the management of a construction project seeks to blend the design elements of a building with the structural and service elements, buildability aspects, H&S regulations, maintenance, resources, and other numerous units to efficiently accomplish the multiple goals of the project.

This approach to management is called the management system from which project management is an outgrowth. The management system recognises that organisations exist in a universe of forces and are comprised of interrelated units which must be coordinated and integrated for the benefit of the organisation.

Project management manages the project which is in itself a system of people, equipment, materials, and facilities.

Mode of Attendance

  • Part Time

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  • Online Learning

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12 weeks

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