Risk and Safety Management

Short Course - 15 credits at SCQF level 11 | ECTS points 7.5
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Short Course & Professional Development

Within Project Management risk identification, analyses, evaluation and management is all about recognising risk as far as possible and then determining both how this risk may affect the project, the project team, the environment and communities.

Dealing with risk within project environments can be facilitated through the adoption of processes and procedures but there needs to be an awareness of the environments/circumstances in which a specific process or procedure is appropriate. While they are useful in structuring risk management effectively (resulting in a degree of uncertainty reduction) they should not be used mechanistically; there remains a qualitative component to the management of risk that requires an understanding of issues that are not amenable to purely quantitative processes and procedures.

Within this short course we will explore the foundations of the risk management process, complex projects, supply chain vulnerability and contingency planning and disaster management, as well as health, safety and well-being within projects and construction industry. 

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  • Online Learning

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  • Part Time

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12 weeks

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