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Research Revealed

Are you curious about the latest and most exciting research developments and discoveries across RGU?

Research Revealed brings our research to life through engaging and informative videos, articles, and multimedia content. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the world-changing research at RGU, where our academics and researchers make a real difference in the world through their cutting-edge work.

At RGU, we believe that research should advance knowledge and have a tangible impact on society, the environment, and the economy. We're proud to showcase our latest discoveries and innovations through Research Revealed.

Episode one of Research Revealed highlights RGU's School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, focusing on a research project to tackle the global issue of a lack of safe, reliable drinking water. In it, lead researchers to discuss the intricacies of the project, who's involved and how natural, existing material could be key to helping millions of people.

Episode two of Research Revealed shines a light on the impact that Brexit and lockdowns have had on people in the UK. Represented visually through art, it provides a powerful insight into the emotional wellbeing of EU citizens in modern day UK and Europe.

The third episode of Research Revealed explores the hidden nature of maternal and infant food insecurity amongst young mothers in the North East and across the UK.

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