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Our Research Degrees

Research Degree Themes

Our 2022-2028 research strategy sets out our ambitions to drive high-quality research that addresses both regional and global challenges. Our research spans four interdisciplinary themes that combine expertise from across the University, providing a unique platform for collaboration between researchers to deliver innovative research that makes real impact to society.

Interdisciplinary Research Themes

The university’s research strategy was launched in Spring 2022 and identifies four interdisciplinary research themes through which our research is focused. These themes align closely with the university’s 'sector-focused' approach around energy, health and digital, and through these themes we will deepen our contribution to the 'place agenda'.

The 'Place Agenda' spans all four research themes to help support the local and global regions.

Read more about each of the themes and the research degree topics that fall under each of them:

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Focused on addressing many of the global challenges set out in the UN Sustainability Goals, this theme brings together researchers who approach these issues from a breadth of disciplinary perspectives that include the life sciences, engineering and computing but also embraces the social sciences and business disciplines.

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Our research in this theme covers a broad range of computational research from Artificial Intelligence to interactive machine learning and cybersecurity and explores the impacts and implications of the digital for different domains including health, net zero, cities and creative practice.

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This theme captures our research which both promotes and protects human health and wellbeing in communities. It covers a breadth of research from long term conditions to new drug discovery and a wide range of disciplines spanning health, social and life sciences and pharmacy.

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Our research in this theme embraces a broad range of topic areas relating to social justice and creative practice, drawing together researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds including art and design, architecture, social sciences, law, and humanities .

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