Graduate Apprenticeship provides chance for professional and personal growth

Monday 07 March 2022

Callum Duguid
Callum Duguid, a Contract Support Engineer at Aberdeen-based EnerMech, has continually strived for professional development and this has been most recently achieved through his Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) with RGU.

Callum began his career as an apprentice electrician and on completion he joined EnerMech where he worked as a fully qualified electrician offshore. After four years in this role he felt he was ready for a new challenge.

“I was keen to explore my options and enquired through my manger about completing a degree and a potential move into an office role in the years to come,” Callum said. “Only a few months later I was given the opportunity to move into the role of Contract Support Engineer.

“Obtaining a degree level education was something I was still very interested in at this point, so I kept asking until I was given the amazing opportunity to enrol in the Graduate Apprenticeship in BA (Hons) Business Management.”

Taking part in the GA with RGU has allowed Callum to combine his studies with full-time work, applying what he has learned in academia to his current role, and developing his skills and confidence.

“Overall, the experience has been great. It has been very challenging at times, but I have gained so much from the GA that sacrificing some of my own time has been well worth it. There is a huge sense of satisfaction that comes from submitting an assessment and achieving good grades.

“The course has given me an opportunity to expand my network within EnerMech and get to know people throughout the business. I have grown as a person while completing the GA course, gaining confidence and a better understanding of myself.”

Callum is one of many students on a GA programme at RGU who has had to contend with the major challenge of a pandemic while studying and working. He believes some of the aspects of his GA have helped him to overcome hurdles.

“It has been significantly more difficult to get the work/ life/ university balance right due to lockdown restrictions. If this balance is not maintained, it makes the management of my own mental health more challenging. However, some of the skills gained through completing the GA, such as critical self-reflection and time management, have also helped in this area.”

Callum is now considering what the future might hold for him following his graduation from the GA and he believes he may be able to pass on some of what he has learned to new students.

“After graduating, I would like to become a mentor for future GA students and progress into a role where I am able to apply the knowledge and skills I have obtained through completing the GA. I feel that I can bring significantly more value to EnerMech through the completion of the GA and I want to move into a role where my potential can be realised and I can continue to learn, develop and challenge myself.”

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