Karla Mancilla - MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences

Karla Mancilla
A qualified teacher from Mexico is celebrating crossing the stage this winter with a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences having been inspired to achieve her own goals after helping so many others to achieve theirs.

Karla Mancilla, from the city of Querétaro, joined RGU’s School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences to complete a 12-month on-campus postgraduate degree after being drawn to Aberdeen’s coastal location and the course’s offerings.

“After graduating amidst the pandemic, I continued working as a teacher, focusing on promoting exchange programs for students to pursue their goals abroad. The experience of motivating others to achieve their dreams inspired me to further my own ambitions, leading me to RGU for my postgraduate studies.

“I chose to pursue a postgraduate degree at RGU in the UK to explore new opportunities and live by the sea. The vibrant academic environment and the appealing program offerings at RGU were the perfect match for my aspirations.

“The opportunity to delve into topics such as drug development, quality control and regulatory affairs, together with access to state-of-the-art facilities, made it an exciting and rewarding choice.”

The 26-year-old went all-in during her time in the North East, fully embracing the “enjoyable challenges and incredible experiences”, even becoming Fundraising Officer for the La Sociedad RGU:Union student society. During the degree, Karla also utilised the University’s writing programme and employability support services to assist in crafting her CV, ensuring she was prepared for life after studies.

“Completing a postgraduate degree has significantly boosted my confidence and equipped me with the necessary skills to thrive as a decision-maker. RGU's well-structured programme has provided me with a solid foundation that allows me to confidently navigate on complex challenges both in research and in various sectors of industry.

“The master's project and the final essays for each course were the highlight for me. I appreciated the challenging nature of these assignments, which encouraged creativity in my responses. The hands-on approach to learning, coupled with the emphasis on real-world applications, allowed me to develop practical skills to offer a service that will stand out in my career.”

Feeling ready for the next steps in her career, Karla is looking ahead with confidence.

“I feel highly motivated after my time at RGU. Interacting with professors who offer real-world perspectives and addressing practical situations in class has left me well-prepared to embark on my professional project.

“I aim to pursue a career in research, attracted by the substantial research initiatives in health and therapy development in Scotland. My goal is to return to a laboratory setting soon, where I can contribute to societal well-being through scientific work.”

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