Husseini Musa - MSc Construction Project Management

Husseini Musa
Husseini secured a full-time job as a Quantity Surveyor with a leading UK construction company a few months before completing his master's program, and is proud to be graduating, side by side, with his partner who he met whilst studying at RGU.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in his home country of Nigeria, Husseini practiced professionally as a Quantity Surveyor for close to a decade where he gained practical experience in the field of construction.

As he progressed on his professional journey, Husseini took on more responsibilities across a diverse range of projects which involved increasingly complex decision-making. He wanted to enhance his expertise further and applied to the MSc Construction Project Management (CPM) course at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment at Robert Gordon University, which appealed because it seamlessly aligned with his career aspirations.

“The CPM course offered a golden opportunity to deepen my understanding of managing project complexities such as resources, timelines, and diverse teams within the construction industry. This alignment also provided a platform to apply and enhance my skills in a challenging and ever-evolving industry.

“I chose RGU for my master’s from Nigeria because Aberdeen's cost of living is comparatively affordable, and because the course modules at RGU meet industry standards, mirroring the calibre of other top-ranked universities in the UK. The environment at RGU also encourages diversity and inclusion, which made it an easier choice for me to consider during my application.”

Husseini’s experience at RGU did not disappoint. The Construction Project Management course has provided a comprehensive and rewarding experience with notable highlights including the diverse teaching methods, site visits and networking events with industry bodies.

“My university experience has been a comprehensive learning experience, not only providing me with academic knowledge but also honing essential skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. 

“Standout moments include successfully leading a multidisciplinary team in presenting research case studies and showcasing my ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.  I also gained practical insights beyond classroom learning. Collectively, these experiences have prepared me for a successful career in construction project management and fostered both my theoretical understanding and practical skills.”

Whilst a student, Husseini actively engaged with RGU’s student services including RGU eHub, Ask RGU, Student Circus and attended bi-weekly career planning workshops where he received one-on-one sessions from the careers team to refine his CV. These sessions proved invaluable and were instrumental in him successfully securing a full-time job a few months before completing his master's program.

Husseini looks back fondly on his experience studying in Aberdeen, where the vibrant academic environment, coupled with the city's rich cultural heritage, contributed to his overall university experience.

“Being an active participant in community activities, such as the Spectra light festival, Aberdeen Kilt walk, Armed Forces Day, Halloween celebrations, and watching Aberdeen Football Club at Pittodrie, not only enriched my university experience but also made me proud to call the Granite City a significant part of my home.”

On a personal level, Husseini says he has a special bond to RGU after finding love at university.

“While I may not have blood relatives who graduated from RGU, I did find a special kind of family during my studies – love! I fell in love with an incredible woman, and now we're both proudly graduating side by side. So, she's not just my partner; she's now a part of my family too!”

Now that Husseini has finished university, he plans to use the knowledge and skills he’s developed on his course to make a meaningful impact in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector. He has secured a job as a Quantity Surveyor with Bouygues UK Construction and is looking forward to making tangible contributions in his career.

“My professional journey is guided by a commitment to continuous learning and growth. I am open to embracing challenges that not only contribute to personal development but also enhance professional fulfilment. Moving forward, I aspire to take on increasing responsibilities and explore opportunities for further specialization within the AEC sector.

“Navigating challenges has built resilience and provided opportunities to forge valuable connections, both among my peers and with professionals associated with industry bodies like CIOB and RICS. Overall, I feel well-prepared and confident to take the next step on the career ladder, eager to apply my skills and contribute meaningfully to my chosen field.

“I feel an immense sense of pride regarding my achievements. I recognise my degree as the result of a combination of personal dedication, and collective support from my academic tutors, family, friends, peers and the local community.

“My time at RGU has been a transformative journey, filled with learning, growth, and the invaluable contributions of those who have surrounded me. I am grateful for the opportunities, challenges, and the unwavering support that have collectively shaped my academic experience into a source of great pride and accomplishment.”

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