Hafsat Tiamiyu - MSc Construction Project Management

Hafsat Tiamiyu
An international student who wanted to study overseas to upskill and grow in the construction sector.

With a significant track record working in the construction industry as a Structural Engineer, and having already gained a post graduate diploma in Civil Engineering in Nigeria, thirty two year-old Hafsat wanted to expand her professional ambitions further in the construction industry.

She enrolled on the MSc Construction Project Management Course at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment and is graduating with Distinction.

Hafsat's achievements are all the more impressive as she graduates today having given birth to her first child, Yusuf, whilst writing her dissertation during her studies. She says whilst studying and having a baby has been challenging at times, it's also been an amazing experience and made her even more determined to succeed.

Hafsat was keen to study at the Scott Sutherland School because of RGU’s emphasis on industry-relevant experiences which aligned with her career aspirations. She was also impressed by the university’s dynamic academic setting and its strong focus on research and innovation.

The MSc Construction Project Management course at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment had an excellent reputation and she believed it offered an optimal learning environment, with excellent facilities, resources and expertise.

“I was drawn to Construction Project Management because of my foundation in Civil Engineering, its dynamic nature and the combination of technical and managerial skills required. The idea of overseeing and organising building projects from inception to completion, while ensuring efficiency and deadline compliance, really appealed to me.

“There was also the possibility to work on a variety of projects and to contribute to the built environment, as well as the potential for innovation in building processes and sustainable practices.”

Whilst a student, Hafsat benefitted from RGU's Careers Support Service who offered employability workshops to help her tailor her CV, presentation, communication, and interview skills. This support significantly boosted her confidence and readiness for the job market and enhanced her overall employability prospects.

Reflecting on the Construction Project Management course, Hafsat says she is extremely proud of her achievement.

“RGU’s postgraduate degree has significantly enhanced my skills by providing me with specialized knowledge, honing my critical thinking, and improving my analytical abilities. Collaborative projects and assignments have strengthened my teamwork and communication skills, while the demanding nature of the program has boosted my self-motivation, time management, and organizational abilities.

“The highlights of my course have been numerous, including the impactful teaching methods employed by the dedicated tutors at RGU. Their support and guidance have been instrumental in my academic journey.

“Additionally, the opportunity to study in a developed country has enriched my learning experience, exposing me to diverse perspectives. Standout moments include collaborative and engaging discussions and the joy of studying in an environment that fosters both academic and personal growth. The experiences I have gained studying at the Scott Sutherland School have undoubtedly contributed to my preparation for a successful career path.”

Now that Hafsat is graduating, she is looking for employment and is keen to develop her expertise in the field so she can continue to grow within the construction profession. 

“My time at university has effectively prepared me for the next step on the career ladder. The academic experiences have equipped me with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills relevant to my chosen field. Engaging with diverse perspectives, collaborating on projects, and receiving guidance have honed my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. I feel confident and well-prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in my career.”

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