Furqan Shakil - MSc International Marketing

Furqan Shakil
A student from Pakistan became the first in his family to graduate abroad having been the recipient of a well-renowned British Council scholarship.

Furqan Shakil, 26, landed in Aberdeen and joined RGU's School of Creative and Cultural Business to study a master’s degree in International Marketing following vast research prior having completed a prior undergraduate degree.

“I did an extensive search to identify the perfect institution for my higher education that would meet both my academic aspirations and professional goals. I spent several months of research evaluating and comparing different universities and the courses they offered.

“I was particularly interested in the master’s in marketing, and therefore compared the modules that other universities offered. I was drawn to RGU because the modules were the right fit for my academic and professional goals.

“Additionally, the reputation of RGU, professional student support, and availability of scholarships for the international students like me further strengthened the decision-making process. I also spoke to some alumni who studied the similar course and had very good reviews which was also a contributory factor. Finally, course structure and support provided by RGU solidified my choice.”

Furqan studied full-time on campus, immersing himself in the “vibrant academic environment” while also securing a part-time job within a month of moving to the granite city. On his degree, he calls it “transformative”.

“The MSc International Marketing course at RGU deeply resonated with my academic and professional goals. The course is a perfect balance between both traditional and digital marketing and the modules I studied perfectly aligned with what I aspired to learn and achieve.

“My postgraduate degree has been transformative, enhancing not just my academic knowledge but also fostering personal growth and valuable skills. It has contributed to the development of my adaptability, global mindset, and resilience.

“What I really liked about the course here at RGU is the tutorial sessions coupled with each module which provides a great platform to have interactive group discussions in each module. Furthermore, all the modules had a well-rounded approach to teaching methods and an excellent balance between academic rigour and vibrant campus activities.

“Another highlight of several modules was the inclusion of a live client to work with which allowed me to think practically and develop practical skills which I can talk about in my future interviews. Notably, RGU also offered placement opportunity in my course, and fortunately I was able to secure a 4-week placement which provided me with practical real-world experience and valuable connections.”

Furqan was a deserving beneficiary of a scholarship which was launched by the British Council who work with 72 different UK universities to support postgraduate students to access world-class UK higher education opportunities.

“I was fortunate to receive the prestigious GREAT Scholarship which significantly supported my academic journey. The invaluable experiences gained through the networking opportunities provided by RGU and British Council through the Scholarship, and the supportive academic environment at RGU have been crucial to my personal growth and professional development.

“The university’s commitment to cultural immersion, career support, and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment have been unique aspects which greatly enriched my overall experience at RGU.”

As well as receiving a scholarship, he also credits the University for its varied and valuable support services.

“RGU’s employability team facilitated a recruitment drive which connected me and other students with local businesses to secure a part-time job. The University’s career support, scholarship opportunities, and employability services has been instrumental in my overall experience.

“RGU has not only provided me with the academic knowledge but has also instilled valuable skills such as adaptability, a global mindset, and resilience. The placement opportunities, career support services, and the overall academic experience through live client projects through the modules, and overall academic experience have equipped me with practical skills and industry exposure necessary to compete in the job market, which I believe will be important in my future career.

“Furthermore, the ResLife team organized several trips across Scotland also contributed to my personal growth, cultural understanding, and the creation of lasting memories and connections.

“Through immersive cultural experiences, networking opportunities, and academic pursuits, I’ve developed lifelong skills, expanded my knowledge, and established meaningful and lifelong connections. My time at RGU has equipped me with the skills and experiences necessary for my future career. While my immediate plans are not definitive, the university has prepared me well for the next step on the career ladder.”

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