Chioma Onyefuosaonu - MSc Digital Marketing

Chioma Onyefuosona at Summer Graduation
An international student with a desire for solving challenges within her field, MSc Digital Marketing graduate Chioma Onyefuosaonu knew that her degree would give her the skills and experience to thrive in industry.

The postgraduate student from Delta, Nigeria, had previously worked a varied career, including as a Social Media Manager, Customer Services Officer, and a compliance role in fintech. However, she observed that many small businesses around her struggle with a lack of sufficient visibility and, in order to combat this, proactively decided to enrol in a master’s degree at RGU.

“I wanted to gain skills that would help me address the pain point. I felt a traditional marketing or business course, whilst impactful and beneficial, would not give me the skills to address the concerns I had observed regarding small and medium-scale business.

“I was a novice to many of the things I was taught in the curriculum. I have now moved from novice to expert in some, and proficient in others. I look at it also that I have not only gained technical skills but soft skills that are valuable for industry and life.

“I have gained communication skills, relationship management skills, leadership skills and also managing work in a fast-paced environment because time during a master’s does go very quickly!”

During her time at Garthdee, Chioma was able to access the wide range of support services and networks that the campus has to offer, including the library, careers support, and the counselling service.

“One thing that cuts across all our support services here at RGU is the eagerness of the staff to help you. I was frequently reminded that I was not alone on the journey. School should be challenging but not insurmountably difficult.

For her placement, Chioma was fortunate to work on a project within her school, learning new skills such as filming video editing, script writing and designing, a worthwhile opportunity which helped her advance her skillset for her desired career path. 

She has a long list of achievements from her time at RGU, including Co-Head of Radio for Radar Media, Student Ambassador, and Student School Officer for the School of Creative and Cultural Business, and her hard work paid off when she was awarded at the Student Achievement Awards.

Due to the skills gained from her time in the classroom and the experience from volunteering, Chioma is looking forward to her next line of work.

“I am delighted and proud of my achievements here at RGU. I gave my time here at RGU, my intellect and my heart. I was open to every opportunity, and I embraced all the challenges.

“It revealed, to me, that I am stronger and more passionate than I estimated. It has given me mental capacity and taught me to stay prepared and open. I am no longer afraid to say yes to an opportunity.

“I look forward to owning a boutique digital marketing firm that caters to small and medium-scale businesses. Truly the world is now my oyster, thanks to all the opportunity that were available to me here in RGU.”

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