Emily McNair - BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Emily McNair
Recovering from pandemic-imposed redundancy, an unwavering 21-year-old from Moray, who thought university might not be for her, celebrates achieving a First-Class Honours degree in Accounting and Finance.

Emily McNair, from Elgin, crossed the P&J Live stage full of pride to accept her BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance degree, which she was determined to achieve at her own pace.

Before settling in the North East, the 21-year-old, who is originally from Inverness, studied at a military boarding school in Dunblane as her family moved around the UK for her father's armed forces post.

“After leaving school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was terrified and ended up applying for university as I felt I had to because that is what all my friends were doing. The idea of moving to a new city where I knew no one and living in halls with strangers left me terrified rather than excited like my friends were.

“After speaking to my parents, I decided to withdraw my applications and do a 2+2 Degree Link instead. That was the right choice as it gave me more time to discover my interests instead of committing to a 4-year course that I might have struggled with or disliked and end up dropping out.”

Having enjoyed business studies at school, Emily headed to the North East Scotland College (NESCol) to complete an HND in Accounting and Finance. Achieving A’s in all her graded units, she then chose to continue her studies at RGU for its welcoming environment and longstanding relationship with NESCol, which made for a smooth transition.

“I recommend this route to anyone unsure of going to university straight out of school or looking to go to college first and potentially university after, as it gives people a different entry route and eases you into further education.”

RGU guarantees progression pathways for students across Scotland through Degree Link, allowing them to study first at college and then complete a degree. The university provides a range of support to ensure a positive transition experience from pre-application through to graduation.

“I am proud that I have managed to get a degree, never mind a first-class! Maths wasn’t a strong point for me at school, and I feel this route allowed me to show my true potential by giving me a different pathway into university and helping me achieve something I am not sure I could otherwise have.”

Emily's time at university was also unprecedented, being made redundant from work due to the Covid-19 pandemic and having to start her degree online. Despite the challenges, the graduate has a positive outlook.

“It was a weird experience coming from college and having face-to-face classes to being in the middle of a pandemic and joining university remotely. I had been enrolled at RGU for a year before I saw the campus or met my lecturers and classmates in person.

“I am thankful for RGU's support when having to study online. They made sure to record all classes, which was very useful to look back on for revision or in case you missed something, and also meant you could catch up in your own time, making it flexible around other life commitments. I think the alternative online methods were beneficial in their own ways. “

To kickstart her career, the graduate is working part-time as a bookkeeper. She is excited to receive career advice, CV tips and interview insight from the Employability and Professional Enrichment Hub at RGU to help her secure her next long-term role.

“I have a keen interest in tax accounting, and this is what I would like to focus on professionally. I am looking to achieve my professional qualifications with the right accounting firm. If that is not something I get to start on straight out of university, then building up my experience and knowledge is my next step forward.

“I will be taking advantage of RGU's employability resources to explore options and steer myself in the right direction to thrive in my life-long career.”

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