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Syluhet (Safi) Kone

Syluhet (Safi) Kone

MSc Accounting and Finance student from Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

What attracted you to your course at RGU? 

I was first attracted to my course at RGU by the course accreditation, as it was proof that my degree would be globally recognised. After that was the ranking, then the employability rate and finally the tuition fees.

What's the best thing about being an RGU student? 

The best thing about being an RGU student is the many opportunities available to students, to work in great places and achieve whatever they want.

Tell us about your most challenging/rewarding project/assignment/module. What did you like/ dislike about it and how has it helped you? 

My most challenging assignment was my first “coursework” on my course. It was my first-time doing coursework and I didn’t know what the teacher expected of me or how to present it. I however was able to ask my classmates questions and also book a one-to-one meeting with my lecturers for support and guidance, which paid off.

What is your favourite way to spend your time when you are not studying? Why is that important to you? 

My favourite way to spend my time when I am not studying is shopping. I like buying new things and going to new stores. I also go to the gymwhich is a great way to stay healthy.

What would you say to someone considering studying at RGU? Any advice you would share? 

I would say don’t hesitate to apply, as RGU is a great university, where students can lead a full, balanced life alongside their studies. I would also advise that they try to socialise once they join RGU and make as many friends as possible, as RGU students come from a wide variety of nationalities and cultures.

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