Sports Facilities


We have a variety of different gym suites, all of which have state of the art gym equipment, interactive media centres and an online virtual training system.

Gym Areas

At RGU SPORT's gym in Aberdeen you will have access to a large range of machines and free weights to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Strength and Conditioning Room

We have a Strength and Conditioning room, featuring competition-spec bars, 4 Olympic lifting platforms, 5 racks, fixed and adjustable benches, and a range of dumbbells.

Gym Orientation

Orientation is an introduction to the gym environment for individuals who have never utilised a gym before or who would like a refresher.

If you are new to RGU SPORT, please make sure to watch the gym orientation video , or book an in-person orientation.

Orientations are available at set times each day and can be booked at the reception desk or online free of charge.

RGU SPORT Gym Programmes

RGU SPORT’s Gym Programme allow members to work through a personalised programme based on their own fitness goals. The programmes are split into two different pathways, High intensity interval training also known as HIIT and a Strength pathway.

HIIT has three different stages varying in difficulty each lasting 6 weeks. Using HIIT style of training has shown to improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance by working at high levels of intensity with small periods of rest.

Strength has five different stages with the aim of developing coordination and strength while learning the key movement patterns that will be utilised in daily life and also in the advanced stages of the programme. Each stage will last a total of 6 weeks and will increase in both difficulty and intensity.

You will have access to a 60-minute one-to-one session in the gym for your first week and the following 6 weeks of the programme is self-led.

  • Cost - £20.00 or £15.00 if you have a direct debit membership.

Personal Training at RGU SPORT

If you are interested in our personal training services, please contact The Fit Room or contact RGU SPORT reception for details.

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