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Sameh Al Maqbali

Sameh Al Maqbali

Why did you decide to Study at Robert Gordon University?

I chose RGU because they have a good reputation for Pharmacy. Scotland also appealed because it is very peaceful and quiet and Scottish people are known to be kind and welcoming. I had the option of Glasgow and other cities but I chose Aberdeen because the people here are always smiling.

Can you describe why you thought the teaching quality and campus facilities were good? What was your favourite project that you worked on?

I liked RGU’s approach to teaching Pharmacy. It aimed to integrate practice and theory very well and I really enjoyed the practical approach. In the second year we did a simulation exercise where we had to work with patients and we had to dispense medicines to them. We had to deal with all kinds of patients and this was new to me. I also enjoyed my placement too.

Did you enjoy your time living in Aberdeen, if so why? What was the best thing about living in Aberdeen?

Aberdeen has some great facilities, there is lots to do here. Whilst living in Aberdeen I was also able to explore other cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Banchory which was one of my favourite places. I also enjoyed the variety of weather. Aberdeen is a friendly city and people are very co-operative. I have noticed it is a happy place.

If someone was considering studying at RGU, what would say to them?

I would suggest arranging your flat before you go and make sure you research accommodation. When you arrive, also make sure you familiarize yourself with the area, knowing locations such as the supermarket and what the transport it like.

Did you take part in any clubs and societies and if so, which ones?

We established an Omani Society at RGU and the Student Union here were very helpful. They have us a lot of support in starting up and helped us conduct our activities. We ran events such as an Oman Day in November but also arranged other gatherings such as football, bowling and networking events.

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