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Student Parents

Working in partnership with RGU:Union, the Student Life Department is on hand to provide you with advice, support and assistance if you’re managing various responsibilities of academic life, pregnancy and parenthood.

The University believes that having parenting or caring responsibilities should not be a barrier for success at RGU, further information and support for students can be found in the Student Pregnancy and Parenting/Caring Responsibilities Policy and our Children and Young Persons on Premises Policy:

This information is intended to assist prospective students to the university and also visitors with children.

Where can you take your child on campus?

Please refer to our Children and Young Persons on Premises Policy for full information about where you can and cannot take children on campus.


You are welcome to take your child into these open spaces on campus:

  • RGU: Union
  • RGU Sport
  • Certain areas of the Sir Ian Wood Building: level 2 front atrium, bar and refectory areas and the back amphitheatre; level 3 reception and ‘main street’.
  • The library tower and associated stair and lift access between level 3 and level 5.
  • The main foyer and stairwell of the Ishbel Gordon Building incorporating the art exhibits and the cafeteria space (levels 1 – 4).
  • The main atrium space of the Riverside Building incorporating the cafeteria spaces (level 3).
  • The Garthdee grounds.
  • Intermittently - specified areas of the Gray's School of Art and Garthdee House when art and heritage collection exhibitions are held (this is subject to the conditions surrounding specific events).
  • Graduation activity areas on and off the campus (which may change from time to time) where special assessments and mitigation measures are adopted year by year taking account of the likely attendance of children/young persons.

Children/young persons should never be left unsupervised, have access to University IT equipment or be in a position to inadvertently access confidential information while on University premises.

The University reserves the right to direct that a child or young person be removed from its premises where the presence of the child or young person is causing an unacceptable health, safety, data protection risk or level of disruption to others. Failure to adhere to our Children and Young Persons on Premises and University policies could result in misconduct proceedings.

Breastfeeding Facilities

RGU is a member of the Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland scheme. Under the Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Act 2005, RGU upholds the right of those in charge of children under 2 to breastfeed on campus.

If parents prefer private facilities for infant feeding , there is an Infant Feeding room available on the entry level to the Sir Ian Wood Building (N316). The first aid rooms located around the University provide suitable facilities where expectant or feeding mothers are able to lie down and rest, provided the rooms are not in use for first aid purposes. The first aid rooms on campus are:

  • Riverside Building - 306
  • Gray’s School of Art - GA21
  • Ishbel Gordon Building - H418
  • Garthdee Annexe - SB10
  • Sir Ian Wood Building - N302

Baby Changing Facilities

Baby changing facilities are available across campus:

  • RGU Sport (male and female toilets) - Level 2
  • Ishbel Gordon Building - H416
  • Sir Ian Wood Building - N316
  • Riverside Building – 336b
  • Garthdee House Annexe – SB38
  • Gray’s School of Art – GA20a

Nursery Facilities

Based at the Garthdee Campus, Treehouse Early Care Centre is a purpose built facility that provides high quality care and education for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

Open Monday to Friday, 7:30 - 18:00, the centre is staffed by high quality professionals to support your child's learning, physical development and emotional wellbeing. Our day to day curriculum programme supports your child's skills and self-esteem interests to encourage learning.

If you would like further information about the Treehouse nursery please phone 01224 861840 or email treehouse@brighthorizons.com


We’re aware that some of you may have extra care responsibilities at home. RGU:Union is here to help student parents, should the balance between work, caring and studying become difficult. We offer a free advice service in order to support you to make the best of your experience. The advisor is independent from the University and will be able to help with anything from filling out extension forms to discussing study options.

RGU:Union also has a President of Education and Welfare with responsibility for representing our diverse range of students.

Financial Help

You may be eligible for some financial help to support you when studying, including:

  • Childcare Fund
  • Tax credits
  • Discretionary Fund
  • Lone Parent’s Grant
  • Short Term Emergency Loans
  • Dependants’ Grant

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