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Equality Action Groups & Champions


RGU is committed to creating and promoting a working and learning environment where everyone is treated fairly with dignity and respect. This group includes Gender Reassignment and Sexual Orientation, working in partnership with the Rainbow network.

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The LGBTQIA Action Group meets termly and creates a safe space for members of our community to meaningfully discuss a range of sexual orientation and gender identity-related issues affecting staff and students at our university.

The group is chaired by our staff Equality Champion (Gender Reassignment), Fiona McKay and brings together academic and professional services staff across RGU. We also work in partnership with the Rainbow network and the Equality and Diversity team to contribute to activities that promote LGBTQ+ inclusion.


Equality Champion - Gender Reassignment

"As part of my role as Internal Communications Officer, I interact on behalf of the University with our diverse student community to build a sense of belonging for all. I ensure that RGU’s commitment to Equality and Diversity is efficiently being conveyed to our students, and I strive to give them a voice to share their accomplishments, but also their struggles. One example of that is through the RGU Student Blog, where I have been encouraging Student Equality Champions and their peers to educate our community on EDI through their own lived experience.

I have always been a big advocate for gender equality, which has taught me a lot about other forms of discrimination, such as transphobia, and I am now proud to be championing the Gender Reassignment strand at RGU. During my time at the University, I have worked hard to give more visibility to our LGBTQ+ community, via the celebration of key Awareness Days on our communications channels and working closely with student and staff networks to curate educative content, such as a Q&A about pronouns with a Student Equality Champion.

Since I joined RGU as a student, and now as a staff member, I have seen the University take a lot of positive steps to make sure our community is as inclusive as it can be, and I am excited to now be able to help in this endeavour"

Equality Champion - Sexual Orientation

"I have worked as a Project Coordinator at RGU since July 2021. I am based in Student Life and work on various projects including RGU’s Welcome offer. A large part of my role involves working collaboratively across the university – making connections and reaching consensus, with the goal of improving the student experience.

My equality role sits within the Sexual Orientation strand, and I am passionate about advocating for equality for all colleagues, but with a specific interest in championing members of the LGBT community.

If you would like to be involved, are interested in how to be ally, or have any ideas you’d like to share please get in touch."

Current Members

  • Clara Maurillon - Chair and Equality Champion (Gender Reassignment)
  • Daniel Massie - Equality Champion (Sexual Orientation)
  • Katie Mellis - HR Champion Gender Reassignment
  • Kat Hetherington - HR Champion Sexual orientation
  • Emmanuel Akerele - EDI Adviser


Everyone can get involved! We would love to have you onboard and welcome you to get in touch with any queries, suggestions or if you’d like to join as a member. You do not need to identify as anything in particular, and we always welcome allies to support our equality work.

Email equality@rgu.ac.uk with any questions.

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