Law - Postgraduate

Postgraduate Courses

Law - Postgraduate

We offer a variety of law courses, whether you have a background in law or no formal legal qualifications, our specialist law courses will lead you on to a range of careers in the legal profession.

A postgraduate degree in law is an excellent way to build on your existing knowledge and take the next step in your career. On the other hand, you might be interested in a change of career and a postgraduate degree can help you do that.

PgCert | PgDip | LLM | MSc Construction Law and Arbitration

PgCert | PgDip | LLM | MSc

Robert Gordon University offers an online LLM/MSc Construction Law and Arbitration course which provides practical, thorough and valuable teaching in the fast moving and highly specialist disciplines of construction law, construction adjudication and/or arbitration (depending on choice of route).

PgDip Professional Legal Practice


The flexible Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from Robert Gordon University enables you to train further to practice as a solicitor in Scotland and is a PEAT 1 accredited course by the Law Society of Scotland. Throughout the vocational course, you will learn the ethical rules, practical knowledge and professional skills required of solicitors in Scotland.

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The Doctor of Law (DLaw) course aims to provide opportunities for professionals in law and related fields to study legal challenges in an academic environment, drawing on theory and practice to develop insight into familiar but critical issues and to generate innovative solutions.

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PgCert | PgDip | LLM | MSc

This is a specialist environmental law course covering the legal, policy and regulatory challenges of the environment, including climate change, energy transition and renewable energy.



The LLM Law degree from Robert Gordon University will equip you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your professional career in a range of legal environments. It is designed to incorporate maximum flexibility both in the topics you cover and the way that you learn, whether online or on campus.

LLM Law and Dispute Resolution


The Dispute Resolution degree pathway of the LLM Law programme will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the various methods and concepts relevant to dispute resolution. It is designed to allow those with and without a legal background to have an excellent grasp of relevant issues that may arise in dispute resolution process.

LLM Law and Energy Law


The LLM Law and Energy Law pathway at Robert Gordon University has been designed to incorporate maximum flexibility both in the topics you cover and the way that you learn, whether on campus or online.

LLM Law and International Commercial Law


Robert Gordon University offers the International Commercial Law degree pathway of the LLM Law programme, which introduces you to issues in international commercial transactions from different perspectives. It adopts a comparative approach to commercial issues in major trading blocs and other emerging economies.

LLM Law and International Law


The Law and International Law course, pathway of the LLM Law programme from Robert Gordon University, is designed for those who want to gain advance knowledge in the area of private and public international law.

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PgCert | PgDip | LLM

Unlock your legal potential at Robert Gordon University with our master’s in Law and Technology, a dynamic pathway within our Master of Laws program. Gain a futuristic edge, blending law and technology for a career-ready skill set in today's evolving tech-driven legal landscape.

MSc | LLM Oil and Gas Law


The MSc/LLM Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Law degree from Robert Gordon University provides an opportunity to critically assess key legal and contractual aspects including: licensing, contracts, M&A, environmental and renewable energy of the global Energy and Oil and Gas sectors, both in the UK and leading international regions.

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